Welcome to Womxn Talk Money

When women talk about money, they talk about power. So we think women should be talking about money more.

Women Talk Money is about getting more women speaking at accounting and fintech conferences. We think there’s two ways to set us on a path to gender parity:

1) Show conference organizers just how many experienced, expert speakers there are in this space that are not men. To do this, we built the directory.

2) Set women and non-binary professionals in this space up to thrive on conference stages with workshops, training, and opportunities to hone their speaking skills. We run professional development programs like this through Fearless in Training.

Looking for a women or non-binary speaker for your next conference?

We have compiled a list of over one hundred talented, experienced speakers from around the world that are experts in areas of accounting, personal finance, and fintech. We were hugely inspired by the work of Christina Wodtke, Danielle Barnes, and their team at Women Talk Design.

Browse the directory. You can filter and search by expertise, location, and name. Want a custom curated list of recommended speakers? Contact us.

Want to join the directory?

It is our sincere belief that by creating this resource, we will dispel the idea that speakers that aren’t men are hard to find, uplift and encourage  women and non-binary folks to share their stories, and change the conversation about whose voice matters in the world of finance.

Fill out the directory submission form.

Why “womxn” with an “x”?

Throughout Womxn Talk Money, you’ll see us sometimes use “womxn” with an “x” instead of the typical spelling. This is an acknowledgment of the wide array of gender expressions present in the accounting and financial tech space. Read more about our decision to use “womxn.”